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El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X)

"Islam, revolution and racism"

by Federica Mereu




Human rights and internationalization of Black Movement

With Malcolm X the black movement made two important breakthroughs in comparison to the other leaders of the black movement:

   - 1 - one of the principals appointments of Malcolm X it was that to bring the struggle for the civil rights to a taller level, that of the human rights.

In 1948 the General meeting of the U.N. had adopted her/it “Universal Declaration of the human rights” that it proclaimed civil rights, political, economic, social and cultural of “all the members of the human family”; Malcolm X intended to lift the case of the systematic violation of the human rights of twenty-two million Afro-Americans in front of the United Nations and to denounce the negation of their civil rights, the genocide, the discrimination, the economic exploitation and the political conspiracy; he intended to drag the Governo American to the presence of a world court where you/he/she would have had to explain because, in a free so-called country and democrat, the blacks were not essays as human beings.

“Until he/she is fought for the civil rights ...si it stays within the jurisdictional limits of uncle Sam. Nobody that doesn't live in this country can raise his voice in your defense... (because) they reenter in the inside business of the United States. All of our brothers of Africa, of Asia and of Latin America ...interferires are not able in the inside business of this country...” [Giammanco 1994: 143].

   - 2 - Malcolm X made the black movement international. He insisted on the importance and on the necessity to assume a widened perspective and to think on international staircase the politics of the blacks Americans and their struggle against the racism, the segregation, the oppression. Racism was the same, to the center and the outskirts of the dominion imperialist. “Congo is as Mississipi. The same man that kills us in Congo, kills us in the Mississipi” (Malcolm X).

In an interview of January 1965, one month before being killed, Malcolm declared:

“…quando the twenty-two million of blacks Americans come to understand to be oppressed equally (of others) people ...allora is faced the matter as a majority that is able to demand, and not as a minority that you/he/she is forced to ask the alms. Let's not forget not that the oppressed people of this earth are the majority!...” [Giammanco 1994: 318-319].

Malcolm X invited the Afro one - Americans to widen his/her own perspective creating a connection with the struggles of liberation of the African and Asian people. To international level the African nations, Asians and Arabs formed a block that was almost impossible combattere.

It was this block to begin the movement of independence among the oppressed people of the whole world. The first meeting was held to the Lecture of Bandung in 1955. In 1961 the birth of the was officially enacted “Movement of the lined not up ones” that it supported all the struggles for the liberation and the independence and it contemplated to the reform of the international economic order [cfr. ibidem: 229].

“Today, 1964, any racial explosion that is verified in America is not able confined restar anymore within this country, but it is probable that the fuse becomes that does to jump the whole polveriera ...A hundreds of thousand, today, our brothers have lost the patience, they turn back to your white nationalism, that you call democracy, to follow the combative and contrary politics to every compromise of the nationalism black...

1964 will mark an evolution of the revolt black that it will gradually enter to make part of the world black revolution started around the 1945 ...Le you revolutionize they upset the systems and it doesn't exist on this earth it systematizes more corrupt, more criminal of this that still today ...tiene in a condition colonial ...ventidue Afro-Americans' million. More corrupt system of this that is assumed to example of liberty and democracy doesn't exist, is introduced to all the other people with the pretension to impose their form of government…” [Giammarco 1994: 163/174].



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