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In Italy it has not been written a lot never on MALCOLM X and so much above the African American culture. So xe have thought of cutting out a space for all the interesting writings, from the Net or not, that can naturally be published.

Lola is shabazz's contribute to a far thought of a childhood. A black starlet who left a significant memory in the italian 60s.

We open the section with an essay of Federica Mereu, "El - Hajj Malik EL - SHABAZZ (MALCOLM X) Islam, revolution and racism", that it will be published in the magazine "La Critica Sociologica", quarterly of sociological studies, directed by the Prof. Franco Ferrarotti, ordinary of Sociology II, Faculty of Sociology, University "La Sapienza" in Rome.

Then the essay is not but an extract of the thesis compiled from Federica Mereu for the Diploma Of Sociology in the University of the Studies in Rome "La Sapienza". The manuscript, "Racism and identity in the thought of Malcolm X", is available for the download in varied formats.

Following there is an interesting article by Maurice Franco that it presents a jazz play of George Gaslini: "Colloquy with Malcolm X", performed in the distant 1970.