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El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X)

"Islam, revolution and racism"

by Federica Mereu



“…Uomini as Malcolm often are not born, neither in big number. The enemies of the human progress profit of its death; those people that of it are beaten for the human progress are weakened and damaged. But a serious hit cannot also destroy the struggle... The capitalistic system doesn't produce only racism, but also rebellious to the racism...” (F. LOVELL)

Malcolm X, the most beloved Afro-American and more feared, “the angriest black in America” - as him autodefiniva - murdered in 1965 to alone trentanoves years to have wanted “to change the world”, one can be considered some brightest revolutionary thinkers of the twentieth century a political leader of world stature and great charisma.

From small criminal of the ghetto, drug addict, one of the so many parasites of the rich American society, after being “fallen touching the fund of the society of the American white”, Malcolm Little became a critical spirit, a great orator, a political of international fame.

It is a lot of difficulty to say once and for all who Malcolm X was, an extremely complex character, that one continuous has lived and suffered transformation of his/her own vision of the world, an ascent toward a more and more mature political conscience. In all the phases of his life, from the hate to the reconciliation, every time he was convinced and sincere, but only in the last two years of life it was able to reason in autonomous way and to go out of the jails of the mind that cieco. had made him/it

The matter of the identity

During the years of the slavery the spirit of the blacks was completely broken, theirs “pride of race”, their dignity and the respect of themselves were destroyed; the consequence was that they started to behave him as it waited us from them, according to the stereotype with which the so-called one “black” you/he/she was represented by the whites: an inferior and immoral being, “less how human.” One of the consequences of this state of things were the loss of the true identity of Africans Americans, with an earth of origin, a history, a culture, the acquisition of a false identity of so-called “negroes” and the identification with a society that excluded them and it discriminated them.



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