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El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X)

"Islam, revolution and racism"

by Federica Mereu




The reality of the racism is, therefore, the exploitation of class. The exploitation of the Afro-Americans happens in the productive trial: they are to the stregua of a “manages backup” of marginal workers, manpower remunerata to inferior levels to those gotten in the syndical bargainings. The blacks are not exploited only in how much black, but also and especially in how much proletarian. “We are black because we are poor and we are poor because we are black ...comes it works better for the power” (Malcolm X). You poverty, the objective condition of the blacks Americans, always after all to the pyramid, it is the reality of the racism.

The existing conflict in America is not therefore only a conflict between whites and blacks, among colonialist and colonized, but above all a struggle of class between capitalists and proletarians. Until this correspondence it won't be clear, we will be ciechi of forehead to a fundamental aspect of the problem. Considering the alone conflict as racial conflict, the true meaning of the struggle of the oppressed humanity it is lost against the injustice. Malcolm X sustained that:

“You/he/she is not corrected to simply classify the black revolt as a racial conflict of the black against the white, or as a purely American problem. Rather, today we are of forehead to a rebellion of the oppressed one against the oppressor, of the exploited against the exploiter” [Breitman 1992: 174].

In the United States of America the stratification of the society according to income, prestige and education (Lloyd Warner, 1941) you/he/she is complicated by a further element of subdivision that transversally cuts the social classes according to lines of color. The ethnic and cultural affiliation, counted element, resolves social status of the individuals and works as a visible borderline and impassable border between a group and an altro.

In spite of the myth of the melting pot, according to which the North American society would have become with the time a harmonious world “meticciato”, among the varied ethnic groups they almost always prevail relationships conflittuali and antagonistic, based on stereotypes, racial prejudices and discrimination.

The racism, ideology according to which a human being is inferior to another human being in base to the affiliation to one “racial category” pseudo - scientific, it develops some functions partner - economic fundamental. It serves to justify and to legitimate the exploitation of the black workers: the black laggard, irresponsible, cheat and idler it brings upon his/her condition partner - economic inferior and subordinate.

Racism is used, besides, to prevent the formation of a conscience of unitary class beyond the ethnic differences among all the subordinate groups. The class to the power has to hinder the coalizzazione of the workers that could flow in rebellions and disorders putting in danger its dominant position.

To prevent that this happens, the ancient strategy of the is used “it divides et it reigns”, that works putting a group against the other, increasing the divisions, the antagonism and the prejudices among the groups, to decrease its strength, to check them and to dominate more easily them; granting only privileges to some groups, that climb above a step in comparison to the others, it increases the sense of the distance and the difference.

In this mechanism the blacks are the only group that he/she remains anchored at the base of the social stratification and their position you/he/she is used as fixed of reference that the feeling of social mobility of the other groups increases.


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