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El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X)

"Islam, revolution and racism"

by Federica Mereu




After having traveled and to have seen different reality from that American, him realized that racism is not at all a natural feeling of the human being, a present phenomenon in every society and in every culture, but contrarily it is a “invenzione” that you/he/she has historically legitimated the human overcoming.

“Racism is born and in the United States is historically developed for facilitating to partner-psychological level - as O.C writes. Cox - the intensive exploitation of the black masses in the confederate plantations; ...la constitutes ideological superstructure of such exploitation...

As Frantz Fanon has said,... racism is integral part... of the shameless exploitation of a group of men from another group that has reached a stadium of more advanced technological development...” [Martinelli and Horses, 1971: 19].

The racism therefore it is not thinkable as “illness of the human imagination” - as Frederick Douglass it defined him/it in 1855 - neither the fruit of “a moral crisis” - as Kennedy defined him/it in 1963 in a grieved appeal to the nation - neither a casual phenomenon, neither a natural feeling of the human being, neither a necessary evil; it is contrarily a component structural ineliminabile of the capitalistic way of production and the imperialistic politics, it is his ideological superstructure, the Weltanschauung of the dominion, his principal and more effective tool, on which it then is produced and it is reproduced “culture of the racism.”

You consider the fundamental motivations of economic order that racism subtends, you/he/she could be useful to analyze making to him/it reference to the theory of the historical materialism elaborated by Marx and Engels. It moved from the thesis according to which the spiritual productions of the men are determined “in last appeal” from the economic structure of a society, her “base reality” on which a correspondent is raised ideological superstructure that justifies the existing social order. Every ideological form is never autonomous, but the reflex and the justification of the economic base. According to this perspective, racism is the ideology of the economy capitalistic.

Today some intellectuals Americans are rediscovering Marx. Cornell West, the most popular intellectual black contemporary of the United States, is convinced that Marxism is a method critical necessary to analyze the contradictions of the American model and to interpret the racism as mask of a struggle of class. It is to the objection that Marx was not dealt with the problem of the “race”, West responds:

“...I his/her concepts work the same. The greatest part of the blacks are constituted by salaried workers... If the society withdraws they are them the first ones to withdraw, not only because they are black, but really because of the place that you/they occupy in the social staircase. It is a reality that you/he/she is not often gathered because it is examined only her in the racial optics” [“The express train” January 16 th 1997]. “If he/she is wanted to discuss seriously of ‘race in the United States, is necessary to start not from the problems of the black people, but from the lacks of the American society...” [Cartosio 1995: 13].



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