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El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X)

"Islam, revolution and racism"

by Federica Mereu




The Islam it was the religion of the true brotherhood, of the social justice, of the solidarity among the believers, of the equality and of the human parity to the of there of the differences of nationality, color of the skin and culture. Everything this was contrasted to the reality of injustice and discrimination that it characterized the American society.

“The base of the Islamic social system rests on the principle of the parity of the human beings and ...della their brotherhood ...L'Islam ...non it tries at all to cancel her [the differences], but he/she affirms the advantage that they introduce ...I prejudices... [based] on the biological race, on the color of the skin, on the language, on the nationality etc. I/you/they are disapproven by the Islam. Islam considers demonstrations of pure ignorance the distinctions of tall and low classes, of inferior or superior classes, of autoctoni and stranieri.

It announces to all the men of the world that they come down from the same progenitors and that therefore they are brothers and they have peer dignity as human beings... If there is a Royal difference between man and man, it cannot be a biological difference, epidermal, geographical and linguistics but a difference of ideas, of faiths, of princpi... Whoever ...pu to integrate in this community, he resides in America or in Africa ...abbia the skin clear or dark ...Non they will be discriminations racial subjects, national or of class of some kind…” [Maududi: 67/70].

The Sciari'ah, the Islamic Law, has pronounced always unfair the men's discrimination for the color of the skin. A hadit of Mohammed hands down to us these words:

“An Arabic is not superior to a foreigner, neither a white to a black: the goodness and the faith make the superior men to other men” [Gabriele Mandel Sugana 1967: 49].

In the Koran you/he/she is written:

“We have created all the children of Adamo you deign and respectable ...es we have done of you nations and tribe because can know you to circumstance. In truth, the more noble of you to the eyes of Allah is he who you/he/she is more pious...” [Maududi: 132]. “...E is formed by you a nation of men that you/they invite to the good, that they promote justice and they prevent injustice” [Qur'an III, 104].

If the essential meaning of the work of Mohammed were - as it takes nourishment islamista Tofic Fahd [cfr. Puech 1986: 45-46] - the moral and social reform of the Arabic people, Islam was the proper religion for to answer to the demands of the Afro-Americans, to risollevare his/her own conditions and to find again lost identity.



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