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El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X)

"Islam, revolution and racism"

by Federica Mereu




- 1 - It would be more correct and correct to remember Malcolm X with the name that was given to him during his pilgrimage to the Mecca that marks the deepest turn of his life. As all those people that belonged to the Nation of Islam, Malcolm Little (from the last name of the master of enslaved Little that was imposed to his fatherly ancestors) Malcolm X became; the unknown letter “X” it was symbol of the forgotten African name and sooner or later you/he/she would have been replaced with a more suitable name of African origin. During the pilgrimage to the Mecca Malcolm X was rechristened El - Hajj (he who you/he/she has made the pilgrimage) Malik (king) El - Shabazz (descending of the Shabazzes, particularly strong and wise African tribe from which is said comes down him Afro - Americans).


  - 2 - This essay is drawn by my thesis of degree on Racism and identity in the thought of Malcolm X, 1997.


  - 3 - In the 1930 Wali D. Farad Muhammad founded in the black ghetto in Detroit her “Lost and Found Nation of Islam in the Wilderness of America”, the lost Islamic nation and found again. Elijah Muhammad was his successor. Hostile to all white ones and in conflict with the other black organizations, above all with those integrazionistes, the Nation of the Islam was proposed as objective principal that to found a separate nation for the blacks Americans. In the meantime, the immediate purpose was to free them from the residues of the mentality of slaves and to estrange them from the Christianity, the tool of the dominion of the white race.

  - 4 - According to Essien Udom E. U. the true enemy of the Black Muslim was not the white but the so-called one “black imborghesito.” The struggle of class was the reaction of the black proletariat doubly frustrated: because black and because poor. For this, according to Lanternari, the Black Muslim, assumed an unique position, of radical breakup with the whole society of the whites [cfr. Lanternari Occidente and Third World].


  - 5 - “Al-Jihd”, the declared holy war in name of Allah against the oppressors and the enemies of the Isalm, every time that the existence, the peace and the safety of the community it is invoked you/they are threatened; the Moslems have then the right-duty of the legitimate defense. The war has only defensive character and you/he/she must have conducted without cruelty. “Al-Jihd”, that can be conducted also in way I don't violate, it is not, expressly, a fundamental principle of the Islam, nevertheless it is a duty of every Moslem to also defend Islam with the death. Allah guarantees the Heaven to the mujahidins that die for defending Islam [The Koran 1996:582-583]. The Moslems distinguish two types of gihad: the great one “jihad”, the war against the enemy inside, the weakness of the mind and the deplorable customs and the “small jihad”, the war against the enemy outside, against the cruel one and the infidel.


  - 6 -


  - 7 - In the 1995 anthropologists, biologists and geneticists you/they have signed a manifesto in which you/they sustain that the concept of race is not scientific and every attempt of classification is deceptive in base to it, because the differences among the human beings are alone superficial. The taking of position of the experts has been transmitted to the Nations United with the invitation to adjourn the documents in which the concept of race is mentioned. The purpose of these studies is to furnish the scientific base to disprove one of the prejudices more dannoris of every time, the racism.



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